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    1. What's happening
      What's happening
      Students from SCUN Won the Runner-up and the Third in 2019 WRC2019-10-24
      Professor Long Xietao of Peking University Teaches Cultural Confidence and Cultivating & Casting Education in Colleges and Universities2019-06-12
      SCUN Wins Another Award of Scientific Research Fruits2019-05-15
      The School of Law of SCUN Ranked 44th for Number of Papers Published in CLSCI Journals in 20182019-05-13
      “Chronological Information Platform for Literature of Tang and Song Dynasties” Appraised by Experts2019-05-13
      English Translation of National Classics Out Now2019-04-17
      Li Bailian, professor of ecology at the University of California, USA, came to give a special lecture2019-04-17
      Lin Yihong's monograph Research on Li Brocade Traditional Craft Culture and Digital Protection was published and distributed2019-04-17
      Research on the Cultural Construction of Ethnic Minorities of the Communist Party of China written by Professor Li Ziyuan and others has been included2019-04-17
      The 3rd “College Space” Youth Art Exhibition of Hubei Province was Held in SCUN2019-01-07
      International Standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine Led by SCUN Issued Recently2018-06-27
      Professor Zhang Zehui's Research Group Published a Review Paper on Chemical Society Reviews2018-06-14
      A result of the Green Chemistry Research Team of the School of Chemistry and Materials published in the internationally renowned academic journal JACS2018-06-04
      Research Findings of Professor Lei Xinxiang, Were Published in the Well-known International Journal AngewandteChemie International Edition2018-06-04
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