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    1. Faculty

      South-CentralUniversityfor Nationalities (SCUN) has a sufficient, optimally-structured and well-developed faculty with relatively high qualification. The whole faculty devote themselves to both teaching and scientific research. They have found scientific evidence for recognition and identification of ethnic minorities such as the Maonan, Mulam, Tujia and Jing people. They have obtained a lot of scientific achievements at national or international levels, in disciplines such as materials science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering and computer application. What's more, their finding and research of Nv Shu (mysteries handwriting between women in some Southern areas in China, which is currently in danger of extinction) have received attention of the whole world.


      Staff and Faculty  
      Full-time Teachers 1,240
      Professors 168
      Associate Professors 407
      Doctor’s and Master’s Supervisors 365
          Doctor’s Supervisors 22
          Master’s Supervisors 343
      Teachers with Doctor’s or Master’s Degree 79%


      Teachers with Special Awards or Titles  
      Teachers with Special Allowance by State Council 29
      Teachers with Special Allowance by Hubei Provincial Government 10
      National Expert with Outstanding Contributions 1
      Experts with Outstanding Contributions(by State Ethnic Affairs Commission) 5
      Experts with Outstanding Contributions(by Hubei Provincial Government) 16
      New Century High-level Talents of Hubei Province 6
      Discipline Leaders of Hubei Province 3
      Academic Elites of Hubei Province 5
      Teacher enrolled in “National New Century Talents-raising Project” 3
      Teacher enrolled in“New Century Excellent Talents Project”(by Ministry of Education) 2
      Chutian Scholar of Hubei Province 2


      (Editor:admin Source:SCUN)