Students of SCUN Win Championship in “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-2019
On April 12, the final of “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-2019 was held at Beijing Forestry University.The “Take You Home” team...
Professor Bai Guixi of SCUN Wins “May Day Labor Medal”
Recently, All China Federation of Trade Unions issued a Decision on Commending Winners of National May Day Labor Medal and National Pioneer Workers in 2019. Professor Bai...
Students Won the First Prize in the Second National College Students' Life Science Contest
SCUN's students won one first prize, one second prize, two third prizes and one excellence prize in the Second National Students' Life Science Contest according t...
SCUN's Students Won the Second Prize in 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge
The student team led by teachers Cheng Peng and Tang Wan of SCUN's College of Computer Science won the second prize for the first time in the preliminary stage of the...