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      The President of Florida Institute of Technology Visits the SCUN
      Home  NEWS
      The President of Florida Institute of Technology Visits the SCUN

      On the morning of November 22, T. Dwayne McCay, the president of Florida Institute of Technology, paid an exchange visit to SCUN. The president of SCUN, Li Jinlin, the vice president Du Dongyun, and the heads of related organizations such as the College of Computer Science, the College of Biomedical Sciences, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of International Affairs had a meeting with the visitors. The meeting was presided over by Du Dongyun.


      Li Jinlin welcomed the visit of McCay and introduced the basic conditions of SCUN. He said, in the past year, under the efforts of both parties, the “2+2” double degree program cooperated by both sides has run well. This year, the SCUN has set up a student grant to support undergraduate students to go abroad for exchange studies, encouraged and supported the students of SCUN to go abroad for exchange studies and wished to expand the student exchange cooperation with Florida Institute of Technology. He further pointed out that both sides were complementary in discipline construction and hoped that both sides could deepen cooperation and actively promote the communication between teachers and students and scientific research cooperation, etc.


      T.Dwayne McCay made a detailed introduction to Florida Institute of Technology in such aspects as its history, advantaged disciplines, international cooperation and development goals. He appreciated the complementation of both sides in cooperation and hoped that both sides could further cooperation and deepen friendship.


      At the International Education Cooperation Session of the 19th Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Development in China on the afternoon of November 21, Du Dongyun and T. Dwayne McCay signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of both sides.