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      The 2019 Summer Practical Teaching Week Exhibition Held
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      The 2019 Summer Practical Teaching Week Exhibition Held

      From October 8 to 18, the 2019 Summer Practical Teaching Week Exhibition was held near the Lotus Scent Pool at Minzu Road with a theme of “Diligence and Uprightness, Pursuit of Truth through Practice”, hosted by the Office of Academic Affairs and organized by each college. A total of 119 display boards from the Office of Academic Affairs and each college lined the road on both sides, displaying the results of internship and practical activities organized by each college during this year’s summer practical teaching week.

      The 2019 Summer Practical Teaching Week Exhibition is held near the Lotus Scent Pool at Minzu Road.
      Photo by Li Xingying

      In this exhibition, each exhibitor showed in the forms of vivid pictures and texts such contents as the practice experiences, competition results and internship understanding of the students, which attracted attention from many teachers and students. Huang Jingyi, a 2017 major of hydrology and water resource engineering from the College of Natural Resources and Environment, shared with the reporter her metalworking internship experience at the Engineering Training Center of Wuhan University of Technology. In the internship, she experienced different types of work such as grinding, assembling, measurement, milling and 3D printing and truly realized the importance of doing well in each detail. Xiong Sujun, a 2017 major of environmental design from the College of Fine Arts, carefully recorded in the internship report, “This internship has enabled us to truly touch the mottled stone walls and scored wooden pillars. What I have gained is more than professional knowledge, but also the explanations by the experienced workers and the measurements with partners. The value of practice slowly emerges from the folding and unfolding of the tapeline.” Fu Chengdong, a 2017 major of Chinese language and literature from the College of Cultural Communication, took a professional internship with the Ethnic Unity Magazine of Beijing. He said that the tutor of the magazine led his internship team to edit dozens of articles which involved different fields such as current affairs, science and technology, ethnic culture and sports, which has inspired him to keep strengthen the depth and width of his knowledge in the future learning and work.

      Students stop and observe the display boards. Photo by Li Xingying


      Currently when a new round of scientific and industrial revolution is coming, the new modes of production represented by digitalization, networking, intelligence and greenness have raised new requirements on the cultivation of talents. For this reason, the SCUN attached a lot of importance to practical teaching, actively adapted to the changes and put internship at a more important position in the education and teaching. Since 2013, the Practical Teaching Week has become part of the school calendar. Since 2018, the SCUN has adjusted and linked up the Practical Teaching Week and the Summer Holiday, providing more favorable time and space for each college to carry out practical teaching.


      The 2019 Summer Practical Week was well organized by each college. More than 1,600 undergraduate students participated in different forms of internship and practice activities such as plant practice, field practice, cognition practice, discipline competition, skill training, social practice, innovation and entrepreneurship training, which significantly improved the professional quality and comprehensive abilities of the students and fully unleashed the energy and vigor of the Practical Teaching Week.