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      SCUN's Students Won the Second Prize in 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge
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      SCUN's Students Won the Second Prize in 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge

      The student team led by teachers Cheng Peng and Tang Wan of SCUN's College of Computer Science won the second prize for the first time in the preliminary stage of the 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC19) according to the contest result announced on March 12. 

      On January 21, the launching ceremony of the 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC19) was held in Beijing, attracting more than 300 university teams from six continents to register for participation in the contest. The contest’s topics included the Earth System Model for studying global climate change, super-resolution reconstruction of artificial intelligence images, and HPC and HPL and HPCG.  According to the results of preliminary stage of ASC19 announced on March 12, twenty teams, including those from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Korea's Kyungeun University, German Herlem University of Gennady-Nuremberg, Warsaw University United, Columbia EAFIT University and Estonia's Tartu University, successfully advanced to the finals. 

      The team consisting of Long Lin, Lei Jiacong, Zhang Liangyu, Li Shiqi and Zhu Zhi, and the team consisting of Cheng Shuaijie, Liang Zhihao, Tang Yi, Xiang Lan and Yu Feigen from SCUN won prizes in the contest. Of all these team members, 9 are majoring in intelligent science and technology and one is majoring in computer science and technology. For the first time participating in ASC, the students have to pass all the tests of professional knowledge and demonstrate the spirit of teamwork despite of limited information available on the Internet. In order to submit the application for participation in the contest in English by March 3 as required by the contest, the team members began to prepare for the competition from January 16 under the leadership of long Lin and Cheng shuaijie. In winter vacation, Long Lin and Xiang Lan went to Beijing to participate in the competition training camp. Other students also devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the preparation of the competition. They worked hard for the environmental configuration of each session. In order to understand English paper, they have learnt and mastered HPC, HPL and HPCG. After the start of the semester, they entered the laboratory early, racing against time and using better resources to verify the ideas that had been drawn up during winter vacation. It even took them four days to complete a model of super-resolution image alone. 

      Since its inception in 2012, Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC) has increased its presence around the world and has become one of the world's three supercomputing competitions along with ISC of Germany and SC of the United States. 

      (Editor: Chen Pengbing   Source: College of Computer Science)